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Expedited assisted visa facilitation

About One Visa World

One Visa World provides document attestation and document clearing services to South Africans, whether you are located within South Africa or elsewhere in the world.

With years of experience and expertise in the domain, we are specialists in the collection, processing and forwarding of all types of legal documents required for travel, investment, visa and immigration, and much more to the concerned public offices and embassies on your behalf.

As middlemen in the process, our role is to reduce your hassle of countless red tape in the process of having a document attested or made ready for other legal uses. This often involves the tiresome tasks of queuing for hours on end at the respective offices or even dispatching the document to various addresses, particularly when you live abroad, as well as having to spend considerable amounts of your money on courier services etc.

We at One Visa World, we make life so much easier for you by facilitating the task of executing the above tasks on your behalf, collecting and dropping your documents at locations of your choice within predefined stipulated time frames.

Our Core Values

Our organisation is built on the following core values that are essential to our ability to deliver on our promise to our clients:

  • We aspire to provide quality advice and the highest standard of expertise in our work
  • We promise our clients an overall improved customer service experience by attending to any and every need or complaint as quickly as possible, as well as professionally
  • We promise to deliver our services to our clients speedily, but without compromising on the overall quality of our work
  • We promise our customers to be accessible and available to listen to and attend to any of their queries
  • As service providers, we acknowledge that we are accountable to our clients and promise to be transparent in all our activities, but maintaining the required confidentiality that our individual clients have come to expect of us
  • We subscribe to the highest integrity standards in executing our duties

Why us?

We know what our clients go through, and the stress it can cause. Our services saves you time and money by processing your paperwork directly with the relevant departments and embassies. Why not let us take these important, complicated, and time-consuming processes off your hands?

Saving you time and money

An unsuccessful application can cost you money and can cause trouble in any future applications. By working with One Visa World, not only do we save you money, we save our clients’ time by guiding them through the process.

High success rate

We are committed to delivering fast results, in the shortest time possible. We achieve this by being embassy and consulate approved, plus having our offices close to all Consulates and Embassies within South Africa, offering a door-to-door delivery service.

Streamlined process

One Visa World’s system keeps your application running smoothly. We ensure that all our clients’ applications are logged accurately. We keep track of what documentation you’ll need for your application, making sure that we’ve got everything needed for a successful application.

Dedicated support

Our advisors provide clients with unlimited email support throughout the process. They can take your call to help with any question you might have, too. All of our advisors are highly trained and keep up to date with the ever-changing visa and immigration rules. Unlike doing the visa application on your own…